About Me

Hello and welcome to Medelle.com!  I am your author and host, Kris Milstead.

I’ve been a writer most of my life starting with odd little stories as a child, where my work was prominently displayed on the kitchen fridge.  Moving up in the world, I soon began entertaining others with my writing and published my first set of poems in 1998.  In 2007, I published “Boston Literary Requests a Rewrite” in their Winter edition.  Then, in 2015 I published my first children’s book “Benedict the Golden Dragon”.  From 2013 to 2017, I wrote two monthly columns for Zenith City News based out of Duluth, MN and served as co-editor for part of that time.  Currently I am working on two other children’s books detailing the adventures of my cat and office companion, Cleo.